As a small business, we know the value of every dollar, every decision, and every day.

Our tailored approach helps us save you money and reduce your risks.

Marco Bowen

Marco Bowen

Owner, Byte Size

Our founder, Marco Bowen, started his career in customer service where he learned the importance of listening, understanding, and making sure customers get what they need.  That’s why all of our tech solutions are customized to fit each company’s unique situation. Our tailored approach helps us save you money and reduce your risks.

Handling your technology one byte at a time. 

Byte Size brings an eye for detail to every job. We’ll make sure every stage of your project—from design to installation to maintenance—is done right and done the way you want it. We’ll walk you through every part of the plan so that you’ll always know what’s going on and have confidence that your business tech is handled.

Client Success Stories

One client contacted us about installing a server. After looking at their business, we realized they didn’t really need a server. We saved them money with a more appropriate, less expensive solution that fit their business to a tee.

When we started working with another client, we quickly discovered their existing IT system wasn’t in compliance with their industry’s privacy regulations. In this case, the solution was a bit more expensive. However, the new system we designed for them now protects client information and eliminates the risk of the company being fined for regulatory violations. And – on top of giving them that peace of mind – we also showed them where they could save money by installing their own wi-fi system. 

server with cables
Marco knows his technology, is a joy to work with and tirelessly works to get the right solution for his clients.

– Holly Neumann – Owner RepGirl, Inc.

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